About Us

Who we are

We are Thomas and Lina and we are Spanish Residents that love to travel around this beautiful country.

Our present

Together, we discover new corners that we are passionate about, almost always located in Spanish Airports, which is what we call the best airports in the best country in the world, those that most seduce us. We travel with the right and follow an eminently backpacking methodology. We prefer to use our money to live experiences than to buy souvenirs, although we love to send a postcard from our destinations.

Our future

We pursue the goal of making a trip a month and we hope to be able to go around the world in a couple of years. It is one of the dreams of our life!


All the articles included in this blog are original content, from our authorship and always based on our own experiences, without any brand or company having influenced our opinions, although some of them may be the result of collaborations. In some of these articles you can also find affiliation links, which do not involve any extra cost for the reader, but they generate us some income that helps us to maintain the blog. The use of images or content for publications in other media is not allowed without our prior consent.

Thomas And Lina