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Cheap Cars for rent in Madrid Barajas Airport.

Thanks to our Car hire offices in Barajas Airport you can reserve and collect your vehicle in the Airport Itself. You will…


Cheap Cars for rent in Barcelona Airport.

Thanks to our car rental offices in Barcelona Airport you can hire your vehicle in the Airport Itself. You will find our…

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Cheap Car Rental near Tenerife Norte Airport.

Thanks to our Car hire offices in Tenerife Norte Airport you can rent your vehicle in the Airport Itself. You will locate…

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Cheap Car Rental in La Palma Airport.

Thanks to our car rental offices in La Palma Airport you can rent your vehicle in the Airport Itself. You will locate…

hierro car rental

Car Rental near Hierro Airport.

The volcanic island of El Hierro has evolved from an ancient civilization to a main (and still pristine) destination for elite divers…

menorca rental

Cheap Car Rental near Menorca (Mahón) Airport.

Menorca Airport (IATA: MAH ICAO: LEMH) or Mahón Airport is the airport of the Balearic Island of Menorca. The airport is located 4.5km south-west of the…


Cheap Cars for rent in Gran Canaria Airport.

The airport of Las Palmas is the largest in passenger traffic and cargo between the airports of the Canary Islands, is also the…

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Cheap Cars for rent near Asturias Airport.

Thanks to our Rent a car offices in Asturias Airport you can reserve and collect your vehicle in the Airport Itself. You…


Rent a car or use your own? A rental car can be a good option to move freely during the holidays without having to make the entire trip to the destination driving. Also to supply the need to have a vehicle when you do not have your own or if the one you have is too small when you need to make a move, for example. But also to give you a whim driving the desired car if this is beyond your means.

Renting a vehicle is very simple and in a couple of minutes it is possible to make a reservation, however, there are several factors that must be taken into account when doing so so that your cost is not out of budget and is the right vehicle for what you need. what do you need. In addition to paying attention when choosing the rental car to the type of vehicle you wish to rent, you also need to pay attention to other factors, such as the insurance linked, the mileage, the fuel policy and, course, the rate and its supplements.

The rental price of the car is usually calculated according to the number of days you wish to have it available to you, although, often, the price per day decreases as the rental days increase. In addition, another factor that can change the price is the type of rental car you choose. The most expensive are the large and luxurious, but at that cost you can add many more to which you must pay attention. In this guide we will explain all the important points to take into account when renting a vehicle to help you make the perfect contract, without scares in the final bill.

Airport Car Rental

The Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suarez airport has the highest volume of passenger traffic in the Aena network and the fifth in the EU. In this ranking, the Barcelona-El Prat airport ranks sixth. Another five Spanish airports registered more than 10 million passengers in 2016: Palma de Mallorca, Malaga-Costa del Sol, Alicante-Elche, Gran Canaria and Tenerife Sur.

Car Hire Availability

You should also keep in mind the dates on which you want to rent the car and that occasionally companies can establish a minimum mandatory rental duration below which you can not have one of their cars.

At the time of choosing them you must pay attention to the office hours of the office where you want to pick up the vehicle or deposit it. Some remain closed during weekends and there may be differences between the hours of each other, for example, those of airports and train stations are usually the longest stay open. In many occasions you can make the delivery when the office is closed as these companies usually have reserved spaces to park the vehicle and a box for you to enter the keys. In these cases, remember that you are still responsible for the car until the office opens and retrieves the keys and papers. On the other hand, if you choose to make the delivery during customer service hours, but later than you agreed, you may have to face overcharges that you did not count on.

The availability of the car depends on the office where you want to rent it, it is possible that the type of vehicle you want is not available. But quiet, that if the reservation is confirmed what they usually do is leave you at the same price a higher category car. If at the time of making the reservation the type of car you are looking for is not available, you can choose to change the collection point of the vehicle to another that can provide it, change the date of collection for one in which you have it or look for another vehicle company. Now, keep in mind that when you choose a vehicle what you are deciding are its characteristics and not the specific model.